Sunrider International – Should You Take This MLM Company Seriously?

Sunrider International is a health & wellness network marketing company; there are a LOT of them about, but this is one company that cannot be ignored.

With 22 offices, 7000 stores worldwide and serving 42 countries, Sunrider is a multimillion dollar company that occupies over 2 million square feet of high tech production facilities across the world. They are respected by many as a leading force in the Network Marketing industry.


They are also one of the few companies that actually control the whole manufacturing process, one of the founders objectives was to own every aspect of the business, to ensure the highest quality control and standards. Sunrider was founded by Dr Tei-Fu Chen, originally from Taiwan, who himself had humble beginnings. He suffered from ill health from an early age, he was physically weak and lacked body mass, so much so that he was mocked in his childhood and nicknamed ‘chop stick’. By learning about herbs from his grandfather he was able to improve his health and went on to graduate with a pharmacy degree from Kaohsiung Medical College.

“It was here his vision began to create Sunrider international and with the help of his wife Dr Oi-Lin Chen (a licensed medical doctor) he did just that in 1982!”

Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and has received many awards, such as the Appreciation award from UNICHEF. Dr Tei-Fu Chen himself received ‘The most respected & outstanding innovation person in China industry 2010’ award. It’s clear to see that Sunrider International is a solid, successful company that is going to be around for a long time and will continue to grow.

The Sunrider International Products

There is an impressive range of products; in fact there are over 415 to choose from. Many of them are award winners and all are Kosher & Halal certified so you will be able to promote with confidence to your prospective customers. There are six product categories as follows:

1) Herbal Foods & Beveragesgreat tasting and quality antioxidants to help the body fight disease and feel great

2) Herbal Concentratesherbal concentrates to give you more energy, vitality and keep you feeling and looking younger

3) Weight Management & Active Lifestyle Formulassupplements to help you lose & control weight, plus improve general performance

4) Skin carethe Kandsen & Oi-Lin skin care range to keep you looking great

5) Kanden Cosmeticsa complete range of cosmetic products that use natural ingredients so you can look great with confidence

6) Household productshousehold cleaning products and more, using natural ingredients

As you can see there is an impressive range to choose from.

Earning an income with Sunrider

There is a lucrative compensation plan in place for those people that are willing to work hard at this business, you can receive payments from Retail profits and Customer Development bonuses, this will give you immediate up front income. You will also be able to build a residual income by building a team of distributors under you (the more the better); you will be paid on their sales also.

There are also additional bonuses such as the Group Performance, Profit Sharing and Travel Incentive bonuses. The average earnings figures published by the company are $546,360 per year for a Golden Master Business Leader (top rank) and $20,056 per year for Business leader rank. Obviously these figures are not guaranteed and to earn anything you need to put in the required work.

This company is definitely a solid business opportunity as most of the Sunrider reviews will tell you, and one that you can do well with. You will of course need to develop some basic sponsoring skills, you are also going to need a regular supply of leads . One of the biggest reasons for failure in the industry is distributors don’t have enough people to present their business to, in order to create any momentum. Your upline will probably tell you to make a list of your ‘warm market’ and call them up, but what happens after that?

By following a straight forward system you can generate 10-30, or more targeted leads every day for your business. Using a system you can build a relationship with them and market to them in such a way that they will WANT to join your business and buy products from you. To find out just how easy it is to get this up and running enter your Name & Email address below for instant access to my video training…


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