Super Quick & Easy Blogging Tip To Save You Time & Brain Power!

quick blogging tipToday I’m going to share with you a time saving blogging tip, it’ll also save you brain power!

Happy new year by the way and I hope that you’ve made the decision to DELIBERATELY make 2016 your best year yet 🙂

So I’m going to share today a quick blogging tip, this is something I’ve been doing over the last few weeks and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before!

Its saved me tons of time and made the whole blogging process a lot easier and it will reduce your blogging down to about half an hour depending on how you do it

My first question to you is ‘Are you actually blogging?’ Because that’s how I started my business, when I first got started I knew nothing about blogging, I had no plans to start a blog and didn’t really think that I wanted to blog.


However I made the decision to start blogging and that’s how I was able to start my business and get myself to where I am so far, all by blogging

It does a couple of things…

You can use it to generate leads, obviously you need leads for your business as they are the lifeblood of your business and the second thing it does and I mentioned this in my previous blog post video and an important question to ask is ‘Why will people work with YOU?’, why will people put their hand up and say YES I want to work with you.

One of the main reasons is because you’ve built some rapport and responsiveness and one of the most effective ways to do that is to become a person of value. It also does something else important…. it forces you to learn. If you’re giving out content regularly then you HAVE to learn because we’re like vessels and we have to fill ourselves up so we can give information out.

It’s all round a great thing and will help you build your business a lot quicker and I don’t know of any better way of building rapport with your prospects other than being with them face to face.

This tip will save you a lot of time and that is to make a video for your blog. Choose a subject and make it 3-5 minutes long and then transcribe the video. You can do it yourself or you can use a website called and they will actually transcribe it for you. They charge a dollar per minute so it will only cost 3-4 bucks per minute and then you can use that as your written content. Add a couple of images and make it look nice

That’s it you have a blog post with a video!

If you’re not blogging then…why not?

It’s a really effective way to build your business. I’ve been blogging now for quite some time, I had a little break and now I’m blogging regularly again and will be blogging 3 times a week at least throughout the year of 2016 and I’d encourage you to do the same. We teach you how to do this in our mastermind team, you can click the link at the bottom of this blog post and we will teach you how to blog for PROFIT.

Of course we’re not blogging just for the hell of it, we want to make profit and share value with our prospects and build a wildly successful business!

Click the link below to take a peek at my proven successful blogging strategy.

I hope you got value and if you did please comment and share 🙂
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