Tastefully Simple Review

Tastefully Simple is a direct sales company based in Alexandria, Minnesota that offers a line of gourmet foods which are distributed through independent consultants at home parties nationwide. The company’s mission is to “offer a wide selection of convenient, easy-to-prepare foods designed to help people spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the rest of their lives.” The company began in a small shed in Minnesota, and now has become a $100 million enterprise with thousands of consultants. Tastefully Simple is a member of the DSA.

Tastefully Simple products include mixes for beverages, breads, soups, side dishes, desserts, and dips, as well as condiments, sauces, spreads, oils and dressings. The company also offers special occasion assortments of products for occasions such as baby and bridal showers and holidays.

Tastefully simple offers its customers an auto-delivery program for products of their choice to be delivered on a schedule of every month, two months or three months.

Getting started as a Tastefully Simple Consultant requires the purchase of a kit. New Consultants can choose between a Business Blast Off Kit for $170.00, which contains enough supplies for four parties, or the Just a Taste Business Kit for $89.00, containing supplies for two parties. Both kits contain product catalogs and order forms, party samples and supplies, party food kits, display products, and training material.

Tastefully Simple Consultants earn 30% on retail sales through parties, reorders, their personal website, events, fundraisers and business gifts. Consultants can earn additional income by sponsoring others and building a team.

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