Team Beachbody – A Review PLUS Some Exclusive Training That Will Make You A TOP Coach!

Team Beach body is a very interesting company, they are already well established and given their success you might ask why do they even need a Network Marketing business model?

They’ve been building their company and brand for the last 11 years now, and very successfully too. They are more of a large fitness community, where the average person can sign up and have all the support, motivation and products that they need to make a positive change to their fitness levels. Popular with many is Tony Horton and his effective P90 X home fitness program.


There are many products available designed to nourish and cleanse the body, there is a lavish line-up and it would take you a while to get through them all.

Team Beachbody actually do a lot of their own advertising on TV and radio, in fact they spend over $90,000,000 a year on infomercials! That is a lot of advertising. So one might ask why do they need a network marketing arm?

Well any company knows that they will save a lot of money by having independent distributors doing the legwork for them and will probably pay out less in the long run. Team Beachbody have decided to do both, not only that, but those involved in the business opportunity itself, can actually benefit from the companies own advertising. When you sign up to become a distributor you are actually becoming a ‘Team Beachbody coach’ and are entitled to product discounts and access to the powerful compensation plan. From there its business as usual, find customers and recruit new coaches.

One thing I found especially interesting about this company is that they are actually dishing out large numbers of free customers and leads to their higher qualified coaches. With the Hugh amount they spend on advertising each week, it’s obvious that they are bringing in a massive number of new customers weekly. A large percentage of these customers are actually being referred to coaches in the customer’s area, so in essence you would be getting free leads from the company!

This is actually pretty powerful, when you consider that traditional and network marketing are coming together here in a way that is very favorable for the network marketer. You do of course need to be qualified at the higher ranks to qualify.

Joining Team Beachbody

They operate a binary compensation plan which is potentially very lucrative and they pay weekly. If you are new to binary comp plans then please make sure you do your homework to make sure you fully understand how it works. To get started as a Coach will cost you around $40, although right now as I write this article it’s totally free! You will also pay $15 a month for your back office and website system. You will qualify for 25% discount on all products plus have your own sales and recruiting website system ready to trade.


Team Beachbody right now is a $400 million dollar a year company, there is no doubt they are a BIG player in the industry and are just going into phase 2 of their growth plan. They will be around for a long time and you can be successful if you know how to market correctly.

There are also going to be a lot of people who join that won’t make any money with the opportunity, it’s one of the unfortunate facts of network marketing, many do drop out after only 90 days, feeling very disappointed and penniless.

Just make sure that you are not one of them!

This Team Beachbody review has given you some basic information about the company, but what will it really take to succeed with them?

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