The Best Addiction to Form That Builds Your Business!!

There is one very profitable addiction that you can form…

In fact it’s one of the most powerful habits you’ll probably ever form if you choose to..

It will make you more money and build your business faster

Watch the video to see what I mean

The big takeaway here is find a reason to get addicted to creating regular content that serves your prospects

One of the best ways to get them out of the ‘house’ and into the ‘buyers room’ is to demonstrate that you can help them

…by actually helping them!

As I mentioned in the video, one of the main reasons I produce video content is because I enjoy it and it makes ME feel good…

So even if you’re doing it for selfish reasons, if it provides value to the world then do it!

Start off with 3 times a week and work up from there

Remember that those that are the most difficult to replace get paid the most

If you want to create a reliable income online from the comfort of your home then there are some things you need to know first...


The first is... are you making the big, Hugh, massive mistake that most people are making when trying to make it work with affiliate online marketing?


If you are not making money then you most likely are... and it is ruining your chances of success


I was making the same mistake when I got stated over a decade ago.. But I figured it out...


The problem is that when you promote someone else's product they don't always teach you to line YOUR pockets but rather their own..


This is a big problem in the affiliate marketing/home business industry... a lack of reliable information that actually teaches you how to build YOUR business and income..


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Helping home business owners around the globe create their success using simple, online technology and leverage. I like to work smart… not hard! Creator of the ‘Daily Traffic Machine’ course, founder of the Warrior Network and also enjoy working out, fasting, music, movies, being out in nature, coastal walks, personal development and living as freely as possible!

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  1. Kat January 7, 2019 at 9:45 pm #

    (You are irreplaceable <3 )

  2. Fay May 1, 2020 at 2:28 pm #

    Fantastic video James and very true! You have inspired me to take more action thank you 🙂

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