The Case AGAINST Automatic Emails (Plus When To Use Them)

Should you be using and depending on automatic emails being sent out to your prospects when they join your list to make sales for you?


Should you only use BROADCAST emails (ones that you sit down and type when you have something to say)

That’s exactly what I’ll cover in this video…

And I’ll show you how to make sure that you’re not DAMAGING your business

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The summary of the main points AGAINST using and relying on automatic emails are:

1 – They can be used as an excuse NOT to show up in your business

2 – There is no chance to re-email the ‘no opens’ or ‘no clicks’

3 – Human beings are smart! Often we know if we are on a list that is just sending out canned automatic emails (possibly ones written years ago!). This will lead to less engagement and even worse… your prospects unsubscribing

Obviously I’m a big fan of LEVERAGE… BUT…

Showing up in your business and sending out up to the minute, relevant information shows your prospects you’re in the game and making it happen!

Some uses FOR automatic emails are:

1 – An instant email that directs your prospect to where you want them to go after they opted in (for example… a sales video or some content)

2 – One or two emails a week going out to deliver value (i.e. sending them to a value based EVERGREEN blog post)

3 – Funneling to another offer/list for the purposes of segmenting

Everything else should be BROADCAST emails…

You sitting down, writing an email and hitting send

It will give your marketing a ‘live’ and up to date feel… which is what we all want

No one wants to buy from someone hiding behind canned emails written yonks ago

Your prospects want relevancy & authenticity, so give them that and you’ll earn more customers!!

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