The Hemp Network, Smoke Dope Whilst Building Your Downline, The Stoner’s Answer To Success?

Well we all know that if we fancy smoking some weed; unless you grow your own then you need to find a dealer to buy from. Usually it’s quite an illicit affair which always carries risk.

Well maybe for not much longer, if The Hemp Network gets their way, you will be able to get some off your upline, heck you can even have a smoke with him whilst you plan your next downline building campaign! (haha only joking)

I’ve been contacted recently by many Hemp Network pre-enrolees who would like me to join the business so I thought I’d take a look. Most of you reading my post may not have heard of it yet. From what I can gather they intend to sell Hemp products through a Network Marketing business model, LOL!


It’s an interesting idea for sure, not something I thought I’d ever see in Network Marketing, quite how they will get around the legal issues, I’m not sure. I also wonder how long it will be before the FDA shut it down. Who knows, maybe they will get to like the products.

The Hemp Network is a new branch of Medical Marijuana Inc which was originally founded in March 2009.

It’s being headed up in Foothill, California by Don Steinberg and Bruce Perlowin (AKA The King Of Pot). I didn’t know Bruce was yet out of jail after being caught for smuggling grass on the West Coast; still at least he wants to do things properly this time.

The general aim is to increase awareness of the positive benefits of the Hemp plant, distribute their products globally and build a network marketing company in the process. The company is due to officially pre-launch around July time, they are currently in ‘soft-launch’ so it is possible to enrol if you can find a sponsor. The enrolment fee is $100, plus you get a product basket when pre launch happens. This isn’t a bad price actually to get into an MLM company, especially if it takes off.

Those who join now will be placed in the power leg (yes this is a binary!) so if the whole project is a success you would do well out of it. Personally I’m not sure if it will work, plus I have my hard earned credibility to consider, so for now I will procrastinate on this one and remain an onlooker.

As I said it’s a Binary compensation plan so make sure you fully understand how this works, as many newbie’s get caught out, thinking that they are going to make some easy money from spillovers, only to find that they need to balance both their legs to qualify.

I have no idea what kind of marketing materials The Hemp Network are coming out with or what online systems they have in the way of marketing websites, capture pages, lead generation etc….

Being a new start up I doubt that the training will be up to much. It’s only those who already ‘get’ how to do network marketing properly that will be raking in any sums of cash worth speaking of.

This is certainly an interesting opportunity and one to ‘watch this space’

To be successful with the Hemp Network, you will need to solve two problems that most network marketers face…a lack of leads and a lack of cash flow. Using my unique strategies many struggling network marketers have gone on to become success stories in their companies.

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I remember sitting in my uplines lounge 9 years ago....

Frank & Heather gave me some biscuits, a cup of juice and switched on the video player.

I sat there and as I watched the presentation felt myself becoming excited and started imagining how rich I was going to get.

James they just need to make a list...on the 3 way call their upline, Colin said to me, James just make a list and get everyone you can onto a presentation call....

I left their house pumped and ready to strike it rich...

7 years later and two MLM companies later I was still struggling, I'd found my five and hadn't got fact I was earning almost nothing.

One night though I put my email into a box similar to the one below and was taken through to a video presentation which taught me how to systemize your team building and attract prospects like a magnet attracts nails.

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