The Most Powerful Action You Can Take Immediately In Your Business To Create Success

the most powerful actionToday I wanted to share something with you that has helped me a lot…and that is what is the right action to take in your business right now?

If you’re reading this then you’re probably in the Network Marketing industry and working from home and want to create an income from home.

You might already be earning some money and you want to increase that or maybe you’ve earned nothing yet and you’re looking for ways that you can actually get started and start making an income to give yourself more options, if so watch the video below right now…


What I used to do is I spent a lot of time in learning mode, so I was watching a lot of training videos and watching other people who were getting big results and trying to figure out what they were doing. I felt I had to wait until I had the perfect plan of action that would get me the results that I wanted BEFORE I actually took action!

What I found is that didn’t produce any results because I was always in learning mode and one of the things that I’ve found personally is that you can learn a lot of stuff yet still not get any results because you’re not taking any action.

Learning is good and you might want to start learning daily by reading, listening to audio, watching videos, periscopes, Facebook lives etc… from people getting big results, but ultimately it won’t do a lot of good unless you put what you learn into action!

Its like if you go to the gym because you want to lose weight, build muscle, strength etc…If you don’t go to the gym then what’s going to happen? The state of your physical body is probably going to maybe decline…

If you DO go to the gym and train then what’s the worse thing that’s going to happen? You’ll retain your existing strength and muscle mass…and possibly even increase both…and lose fat.

If you put the effort into building your business then things can improve and you can get more results.

The real message I want to share with you is that it’s ok to take imperfect action!

Maybe you want to set up a marketing campaign, start getting more leads, start increasing your audience and giving them value by doing videos/blog posts for example.

You might be thinking that you have to wait until you know exactly what to say, wait until you look right, feel right, sound right and to be honest all of these excuses are crap. People want to see the authentic YOU and the sooner you get into action the sooner you can actually start getting results in your business.

I used to spend a lot of time waiting for everything to be perfect BEFORE taking action and it cost me results.

Sometimes it comes to a point where you need to ask yourself…do you actually want to get results in your business and start creating an income from home, building a business, building a team, getting leads everyday and giving yourself more options. If you do then the only way (and there isn’t any other way) is to take action.

A good practice is to learn something and then start doing it immediately, because the best knowledge that you can obtain in anything in life is experiential knowledge.

You learn the basics and then start immediately implementing and get better as you’re in action.

I follow a lot of people who get big results and the one commonality between all of them is that they take action immediately, they learn something and immediately take action….they take imperfect action.

If you’re learning daily and taking action daily then a lot of the things that you want to get good at you’ll become unconsciously competent at and that’s where the magic is. Like doing videos for example…if you just start doing it, you might be a bit fearful to start with, which is totally natural…after a few weeks you’ll look back and think ‘actually this is pretty easy, I’m quite comfortable on camera and to connect with my audience’

I hope this helps you out and the big takeaway here is it’s ok to take imperfect action…just get started

In fact if you’re trying to be really perfect you might actually turn off some of your prospects as bear in mind most people in our industry are working from home and inexperienced. If they think they have to be perfect and polished it might stop them joining you simply because of fear/insecurities.

So keep it real, genuine and authentic and you’ll be well on your way to getting the results you want.

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  1. Josh December 6, 2019 at 8:31 pm #

    Its very well written; I love what you’ve got to say, I have enjoyed your videos too, thank you James!

  2. Janet April 6, 2020 at 10:56 am #

    Great info and right what I need to hear right now, thanks!

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