The Pampered Chef – If You Love Cooking Then You Will Love This MLM!

There really does seem to be a Network Marketing company for almost every product under the sun! Now you can build a business with popular kitchen products from The Pampered Chef opportunity.

This company has been going since 1980 and has become very popular. They get a LOT of searches on Google and their corporate site is in the top 50K on the planet, people like Pampered Chef!

If you like food and cooking then this might be the opportunity for you, whatever product you are promoting its always helpful if you have a passion for it. By joining this business you will have access to some fine kitchen ware and cooking utensils, plus a whole host of cook books and recipes. All the usual things you would expect to find in a well equipped kitchen can be bought from Pampered Chef, plus they are sporting some of their own rather unique utensils. Either way as a member of this business, you would be expected to produce a fine feast when family or visitors come round for dinner!


Pampered Chef was created by Doris Christopher, she was previously an educator and home economist and the lack of professional tools found in the typical kitchen bothered her. This inspired her to develop the Pampered Chef range of products which she then sold mostly through in-home demonstrations.

“If you join this company you will also be encouraged to hold your own home parties as a way of selling the products and recruiting new reps.”

The products as a whole get very good reviews from the public, you will also find the Pampered Chef products reviewed on some of the big well know price comparison sites. To be honest, the home party route is probably going to bring you the most success as far as selling the products goes. People will want to experience the quality and uniqueness of the products for themselves and that will entice them to buy.

To give your business extra strength and reputation you will be able to tell your customers that the company is now owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. Warren is known as one of the wealthiest people alive, ranked the 3rd richest in 2010! He isn’t going to invest in something unless it’s worthwhile. You can be sure that this company has rock solid backing and is going to be around for a LONG time.

The HQ is in Illinois but there are also now offices in Canada, Mexico, Germany and the UK; there are plans to expand further. There are more than 750 people directly employed by the company (which is a lot for an MLM company), plus over 65,000 distributors worldwide and counting.

Earning an income with Pampered Chef

The compensation plan allows you to earn money from product sales, this is of course network marketing so your focus really should be on recruiting new reps into your downline. You will earn commissions from their sales resulting in a walk away income (in theory anyway). Make no mistake you will need to work HARD to make this work for you.

As I mentioned previously, home parties and demonstrations are going to be the order of the day for selling products. Don’t join this business if you don’t like, people, food, cooking and live events!

This is an interesting business opportunity and for the right person it can be a lucrative one. There are good products and rock solid leadership, this won’t necessarily guarantee your success though. You need to know how to sponsor new reps into this business if you are going to make it worthwhile. You also need a duplicatable system that will allow your team to easily succeed.

One of the biggest problems people face in this industry is a lack of prospects to present the opportunity to. Ideally you want to be showing the business to at LEAST two new people each and every day! When you’re just getting started you can go through your warm market, but what happens after that?

Did you know that by using some simple strategies online you can have leads pouring into your business? Plus you can market to them using proven systems in such a way that they will WANT to buy and do business with you. To learn how to EXPLODE your Pampered Chef business following a simple blueprint, enter your Name & Email address below for instant access to my video training.


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