The ‘REAL SECRET’ Behind Success In Your Business

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and it’s on purpose…

There are 2 reasons:

1) I was ‘blocked’ and didn’t know what to blog about (I could have just written any old crap and gone through the motions, or written about what everyone else seems to be writing about (getting rich on the internet) but that’s just boring to me, I want to give people real value)

2) I needed to clarify exactly why I’m even in this business….to pay the bills yes…but that had gotten boring, there needed to be more.

The bottom line is that I’d become stagnated…

Sometimes that can happen in life, even working in a job or your own business…things can get ‘the same old’ and that can lead to apathy and being lethargic in your affairs and even worse…your whole life. The solution is to create a new vision for yourself, something that excites you….your perfect life. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing recently.

I haven’t even being emailing my list hardly at all, if you’re on my list then I’m not going to apologize because when I email you it’s because I have something specific to say to you that will help you in your own journey to freedom….both personal & financial. I’m done with the ‘tin can’ & ‘swipe and copy bull shit’

Before I go on let’s talk about the money as there’s a lesson to be learned that I want to share with you:

Whilst I’ve been doing virtually nothing on the actual business side, nothing’s changed much. People are still joining stuff I promote and I’ve been getting paid every month just as I have been for the last 5 years. My email list has still been growing at the same rate and ‘automated’ emails have been going out selling stuff.

That’s VERY cool and I’m so grateful

A few years back after declaring myself bankrupt for personal debts, living in a tiny bungalow and in a cold sweat I was starring at my computer screen wondering how I could make a business work and avoid going back to a ‘JOB’

I’d been in Network Marketing since 2003 and following my uplines advice had not gotten very far.

I discovered an internet strategy and made a firm commitment to follow through with it and it worked, about 3 years later it stopped working so I had to change things around a bit and worked day and night for around 90 days straight to get things back on track.

It’s all still working and delivers a daily flow of leads which results in new customers which leads to commissions

The lesson: It’s worth your time and effort to learn an online business building strategy and commit yourself to implementing it. It’s worth every second!

You need a way to get leads daily (that doesn’t require your input, or very little), a decent sales presentation (better to learn to create your own) and a follow-up process (email autoresponder). That’s the basics and before all of that you need to decide who your customer is and match a product to their needs/problem.

So that’s all cool and if you’re wondering if making money on the internet is possible for you then take it from me…it is.

If you’re a network marketer and you want to make more money from home I can show you how to do that when you click here, even if you’ve not made any money yet

So what have I been doing over the last few months? I’ve been working on myself because it became pretty obvious to me many months back that the ‘secret’ to getting big results in your business (online or offline) isn’t about finding the latest traffic & lead source…

Or the magic closing line

Or the latest software or application that makes you look cool

It isn’t even about how many likes you can get on facebook (although that’s an indication that your touching people’s hearts and connecting with them)

It isn’t even about having the best looking blog or capture page…

The real secret to success in your business is YOU

Because you are your business, when you are building a team in your company the majority of them are joining because they are joining you. Because they feel a connection with you, they can relate to you and here’s the interesting thing I’ve learned…

People will relate and connect with your struggles way more than your successes!!

People will join you because your authentic

Because you have a passion for what you’re doing

Because you have a vision and know exactly where you’re going and they want to be a part of that vision

Because when you speak….you speak from your heart and not just a ‘tin can marketer’ spouting off crap that you think you should be saying because that’s what everyone else is saying.

The great thing about Network Marketing is that as you grow, so does your business and it’s OK to be YOU. Share your struggles, your dreams, your vision, be authentic with your message.

And here’s something that I believe is an even more important question to ask yourself…

“Are you IN the business, or is the business in you?”

Get clear on your vision for your future, where you’re going, what you want. Think about it daily, run the movie in your mind daily, feel it and get your most powerful faculty on board….your sub conscious mind.

Work on yourself more than you work on your business….because you are your business and you can create whatever result you desire

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  1. Karen McCann September 30, 2015 at 3:46 am #

    James, great blog. As usual it was inspiring and true. I just returned from a company convention and they spent a whole day training on personal development. It does make a difference.

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