The 2 Essential Tools

As you might know by now I like to work smart which also means keeping things simple!

Building a network of ‘online money pipelines’ leading to you might be a lot easier than you think.

Following is the only tools you’ll need:

1 – A Marketing System (a.k.a sales funnel)

This is where my journey began (and continues), using this system alone I was able to FINALLY generate leads, make sales and have now been getting paid commissions every month without fail for several years now.

Without a doubt the best fully customizable Automated Attraction Marketing System on the internet today. Regardless of what company you are involved with, whether its traditional multi level marketing or top-tier/direct sales, this system is essential for generating leads and leading them through a scientific sales funnel that will brand you as the expert that your prospects want to work with.

There are other affiliate income streams built in, so you’ll have the opportunity to make money, even if people don’t join your main business. There is literally hundreds of hours worth of cutting edge training in the back office…EVERYTHING you need to know to be a success online and offline in your business is there.

There are also weekly webinars from top marketers that teach you everything, from closing 80% of your leads using the telephone to all the latest online marketing strategies. I can say with 100% confidence that without this system, I would have no business. Period. You can check it out for yourself by clicking the banner below, or read the My Lead System Pro Review


2 – An Email Marketing System (a.k.a an autoresponder)

Email marketing is essential in your business and it’s no good having to sit there and send out emails to everyone individually! So you need a system that will take care of this for you.

I use Aweber to handle all my email opt-ins and it automatically sends out all your marketing messages for you. You write the messages once, tell the system when and at what intervals to email your prospects and you’re done!

You can also send out broadcast emails whenever you want to, which I recommend you do often as your prospects will appreciate up to date, current content

Remember this… the goal of lead generation and marketing is to create a closer and more intimate audience…. and an audience that has given you permission to email them is one of the best.

Email marketing is mandatory for your success so get this tool…

Aweber comes with my highest recommendation and is the best and simplest to use. Best of all you can try it out for yourself for free! Click below to get started for free…….


A Blog (optional)

Your blog is optional (although HIGHLY recommended) and if you do set one up it’s going to be your ‘home’ online and will generate leads, build trust with your prospects and increase your conversions to sales.

You can either set up a blog yourself ( along with the domain and hosting or you can use My Lead System Pro.. they give you a blog included with your membership

Other Optional Tools (if you want to play in the big leagues)

Secure & private video hosting platform & player (don’t rely on Youtube for putting videos on your blog)

Website/Funnel builder (so you can create your own custom stuff… the only limit is your imagination)

Customer relationship Manager (so you can effectively followup/keep track of all your leads)

All of the above together will cost you approx $195 / month to get you started… you can avoid paying that though because My Lead System Pro include these tools and many more in your membership

The bottom line… you only need My Lead System Pro & Aweber to launch your online empire

I’ve used both now for years!

Veteran Internet Marketer – helping home business owners from around the globe create their success using simple, online technology and leverage. I work smart… not hard! Creator of the ‘Daily Traffic Machine’, founder of the Warrior Network and also enjoy working out and living as freely as possible!

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