Two Super Powerful Daily Rituals That Will Change Your Life!

two-super-powerful-daily-rituals-that-will-change-your-lifeToday I’m going to share with you a couple of daily rituals designed to help you succeed.

Whilst they won’t automatically mean that you’ll start getting lots of commissions being paid into your bank account and building the business of your dreams, it will get you on the right path to doing that.

The first one is new to me and that’s a daily gratitude ritual, I actually discovered this a couple of weeks ago. The idea is that first thing in the day, perhaps after waking up, I normally do it after morning coffee….write a list of everything you’re grateful for.

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Personally I write down 20 things that I’m grateful for and type it out on the computer or the phone to save time. It gets you thinking about all the things there are to be grateful for.

Obviously you’ll start off with the basic stuff….like a house to live in, maybe you have a car, grateful for a job, income, grateful for your business…even if you’re earning a small amount it’s still something to be really grateful for.

If you’re reading this blog post through a device on the internet then you’re actually one of the most well off people in the world. There’s actually a lot to be grateful for!

I’ve found over the last couple of weeks of doing this I’ve started to go a little bit deeper and started to become REALLY grateful for everything that I do have. It’s very easy for us to think about the things that we don’t have but it’s really useful to think about the things you DO have.

It sets you up well for the day and puts you in a positive mindset. It’s entirely up to you and I would recommend that you start doing this right now and I believe it will start your mind focusing on abundance.

The 2nd thing that has helped me for over a year now is daily being around people that are getting results. Try and find one or two people that you can watch on a daily basis. As an example there’s a couple of people in the Network Marketing online space who I watch their live streams daily on either Facebook or Periscope.

I make sure that I plug in and watch their live stream every single day, it may not be when they are actually live but in the evening I’ll make a point to catch up on their content.

When you’re regularly exposed to people that are getting the results you want it rubs off on you and I believe it will help you to think bigger, see more possibilities for your business and more importantly you realise that these people are no better than you. We are all equal, we have different skills at different levels but at the core we are all very, very powerful people and you can create the results you want simply by making a decision to do that.

Also become aware of the things that stop you doing the things you want to do…it might just be limiting beliefs or something as simple as you’re worried about what other people will think about you, which is actually a really crap excuse!

The other useful thing is that you can take notes from who you’re following and use those notes to share with your followers and give value and cultivate a following of people who you deliver value to, simply because you’re taking in value yourself daily

I wanted to share these two daily rituals with you and recommend taking action and adding them to your own routine and get yourself focused and pointed in the direction of your dreams and create the life that you want.

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