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versativaIf you’re searching for information on this company then this Versativa review will fill you in, plus you will also learn a proven strategy to have MASSIVE success with this amazing business opportunity!

This is an interesting opportunity, firstly because of the product being based on Hemp, which reminds me of The Hemp Network business opportunity who seem to be doing quite well. Secondly, although Versativa is a new company they are not fraught with the usual risks that you take with a start-up company.

Reason is they are the Eco division of the seven year old, multimillion dollar company ForverGreen, they have an established reputation in the Network Marketing industry and are headed up by a very well experienced leadership team.

Having being involved myself with new start-up companies before, there are always a myriad of ‘teething problems’ to get over, plus the uncertainty of if the company will actually stick. You can join Versativa with 100% confidence and promote it with conviction….if of course you believe in the product.


Hemp is a naturally occurring product that offers us a ton of benefits such as nutrition, medicine, fibres for building materials, paper, fuel, weed control, water and soil purification, plus you can get high on the stuff, lol. It’s plain to see that it’s a wonderful product and makes perfect sense for a network marketing opportunity, if you can capture its benefits in an easily consumable product for humans.

Well that’s exactly what Versativa have done, their range of products is tempting and will appeal to your customer base. You might want to check out their ‘Pulse’ range, these are a range of 26 organic and/or clean raw foods that are not only healthy, but taste great too!

It’s made fresh daily and is also available in rather novel ‘Business Bars’ so you can carry some around with you in case you get an interested prospect.

They also produce the only currently known hemp concentrate, it’s called Hemphoria and comes in a bottle of concentrated liquid. You can take it straight or you can add it to water, it’s designed to decrease the biological age of your body, by providing it with raw nutrients often deficient in a modern diet.

It’s also said to have a positive effect on mental health and function as well, they have also developed a rather cool bottle for it using Swiss technology. It preserves the ingredients with its photosynthetic interaction with light.

Earning Money With Versativa

The compensation is well arranged and designed heavily around the intermediate levels, which means that more people are likely to make some cash with this deal. A good thing as often many people don’t make the big ranks in network marketing. To reach the top ranks and hit the leadership levels you will only need 2 major legs in your organization, thus making it more achievable for more people.

Obviously you will need to become skilled at selling products, but also recruiting and teaching your team to duplicate. Duplication is where the real magic happens in Network Marketing. You can see the full comp plan here.

This Versativa review clearly shows that this is a company worth considering. You have the backing of a multimillion dollar enterprise, a natural product that will benefit everyone and a compensation plan that’s designed for the distributors to make money rather than just the company and leaders. Plus Versativa have the planets best interests at heart as well as their customers, they are also petitioning for the legalisation of hemp in the United States.

All round a fantastic company!

But like I said before, success takes work AND skills, you must be able to generate new leads daily and be making presentations in such a way that is leveraged and COMPELLS people to take action. If you don’t get this right, you will just remain at the bottom of the comp plan.

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