Wela – Nutritional Drops Of Wealth? (Plus They Build Your Organization For You)

We all know that there are many different health & nutrition companies appearing in the Network Marketing industry, seemingly on a weekly basis!

I wanted to review the Wela business opportunity; whilst it’s not brand new, it’s only been around for a few months. One of the co-founders and now CEO, John Penny was actually a former top earner in Vemma. He founded the company with the vision of its guiding values to be dignity, service, excellence, and stewardship. Also leading Wela is Dan Matthews (Vice President), Ryan Bugard (Marketing Director & Co-Founder) and Mark Gullett (It Director and Co-Founder). All of these people have extensive experience in the industry and the business world in general. So we have a good team here.

But What Is The Wela Product?

It’s called Slimberry. Does it make you slim? Well yes, that’s one of the things it does. It’s based largely around the acai berry and provides many of the benefits that you’d expect to find. It will help you recover faster from exercise, build lean muscle, increase energy levels and also clean out toxins.

The interesting thing is that it’s not a juice that you drink, but rather a very concentrated liquid that is applied by a dropper. I’m assuming you drop it into water or fruit juice. An interesting product for sure, you can get more details of it here at the corporate website. Slimberry retails for around $50 per bottle.

Is Success Guaranteed with Wela?

Well success with any opportunity like this is unfortunately never guaranteed, however you might get a helping hand from Wela, for a price. When you sign up they will give you a lead capture website along with an opportunity ‘tour’ system that will take your prospects through the whole deal and explain it to them. Most MLM companies are giving out websites like this, although Wela seem to have gone the extra mile.

They will at your request, guarantee you leads and ‘tour prospects’. There is a monthly fee for this depending on how many ‘guaranteed’ prospects you want. They have another company working for them generating leads. This seems quite a unique feature and not something I’ve heard of.

“You still would be far better off generating your own leads for free though! (which I show you how to do at the bottom of this blog post)”


The Compensation Plan


It’s a binary which means that you are basically building two teams and you want to make sure they are balanced properly. This will ensure you get paid out. In such a system you can sometimes also benefit from your uplines ‘power leg’. This basically means you can get paid from the efforts of your upline (spillovers). Bear in mind though that you need to qualify and have enough volume in your own teams. You can download the comp plan here.

Is Wela A Legitimate Company?

Yes, it’s as legitimate as any other respected Network Marketing company, there is a real product here and a generous 65% payout compensation plan.

If you are going to be ultimately successful with Wela then it’s important that you know exactly how to generate enough leads on a daily basis. I’d recommend at least 30 a day. Plus you need an efficient sales funnel system that will monetize, follow up and recruit them into your business with the minimum amount of effort on your part. The bad news is that most network marketers never figure out how to do this.

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