What’s The TRUE Cost Of You Buying Information Products?

What's The TRUE Cost Of You Buying Informatiopn ProductsI wanted to share this with you because there was a time when for me spending money on information products that would help me build my business was something that I had to take a long time to think about. The idea of spending $500, $1000 or even $3,000 on a product was absolutely insane.

I would think…why would I spend that on an information product…

Now I think of spending money on products as an investment in me and my business and I wanted to share this with you because what is the true value of products and services that will help you build your business?


For example you pay $1,000 for a training course that teaches you to how to build a network marketing team, or you pay $3,000 for a product that teaches you how to communicate, how to influence lots of people, how to become more effective and to gain influence with your followers so that people will buy more products from you.

What’s the real value? Is it worth $3,000?

Because there was a time when I would say ‘NO’

Now though I think of spending $3,000 on a product as an investment, like putting it into a pot that will grow because the information that’s in that product will enable me to improve my skills, craft myself and create more results in my business.

The $3,000 becomes irrelevant to me now and I now look at what I can do with the information that the product will provide me.

I look at how I can use the information and how it will change me so I can influence more people to transform, believe in themselves and because of that more people will start buying products from me and that will earn me more money, it will enable me to build a bigger and better business and impact more people.

I wanted to share this thought process with you, this is something that popped into my mind the other day as I bought a course which was $300 and I didn’t think anything of it, it’s just something that I had to do in order for me to further myself and build my business

I wanted to share this with you, don’t necessarily look at spending money on products as a expense…If someone offers you a product for $500 and it will teach you how to sell more, can you afford NOT to buy that product?

One way to check is look at your bank balance and the results you’re getting

Spending money on products is a good thing if they are good products of course, because it will allow you to improve yourself and your skills which will enable you to build a wildly successful business.

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