Why Internet Network Marketing Is The Way Forward

internetmarketingAcross the globe for many years, hundreds of thousands of Network Marketers have struggled to get off the bottom ranks of their company’s compensation plan. Isn’t it time this changed?

I struggled myself for many years (about 5 actually) to get my business to take off. By the time I’d prospected my friends and family and drawn up my ‘warm’ list and contacted them all, I was ready to quit!

I had gained about 5 new customers, but none of them were interested in the business opportunity. This wasn’t exactly going to be the life changing income I’d hoped for.

“This might be ringing true with you perhaps, my friend?”

I knew that I wasn’t going to get very far following my ‘uplines’ advice, which quite frankly was useless. It was pretty obvious they weren’t having much success either, although they did manage to get themselves in the local paper, they submitted a story of how the product had cured Franks’s migraines.

Anyway around that time I had discovered the internet and saw an advert online for ‘internet network marketing’, it was talking about how to setup a website on the internet to sell products and generate leads. Me being me, jumped on the case right away. Within 2 weeks, I had an ‘opportunity’ website up and running along with a website selling the product.

I showed it to my upline and then promptly received telephone calls from 2 levels up plus the executive director. Basically they were all excited about this ‘new’ concept. They were all hard core, old school veterans.

Bear in mind at this point I had basic skills to create a website, but I knew nothing about traffic generation, apart from posting classified ads. The bottom line is that in around 10-12 months I sold about $2,500 worth of product, generated about 500 leads and recruited 5 people. Now this isn’t exactly earth shattering results, but it proved it does work.

“There was no question that internet network marketing can be effective, even for a newbie”

Why am I telling you this story my friend? Well I hope that it will give you some inspiration, if you are struggling with the more traditional ways of building your business then there is hope.

A few years on and having actually taken the time to educate myself properly, I now generate around 30+ leads a day for my business and sponsor effortlessly on auto-pilot (almost….I still speak to people, but when I call they already know who I am and want to recieve my call).

What does internet network marketing offer us?

Well it’s pretty simple really, it gives us leverage. This is important, as you don’t want to be tied to your business, you want your business to work for you! The internet is a growing phenomenon and more and more network marketers are looking online for solutions to build their business and there are countless opportunity seekers searching every day.

Given the technology that’s available to us today, it’s easy for the newcomer to set up a lead sucking website within minutes, learn how to generate traffic and be on their way to freedom. There are many systems out there that will do pretty much everything for you; apart from picking up the telephone and connecting with your leads (that’s still your job!)

Regardless of your level of expertise there are a few simple strategies that you can carry out on a daily basis to generate anywhere from 10 to 40 leads every day for your business and make money from them, within the next 3 weeks. Plus of course some of them are going to join your business.

Want to learn how it’s done? I’ve put together a video training bootcamp for you which will take you step by step through everything you need to do to skyrocket your income. Plus I will show you a system that will attract leads to you and prospect them on auto-pilot. The training is free and it works! Just enter your Name & Email for instant access, see you on the inside!

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