Why The Heck Should You Use An MLM System?

mlmsystemAre you using an MLM system in your business, do ya know what one even does? If the answer to either is ‘No’ then you’re missing out my friend!

I’ve been involved with Network Marketing for about 7 years now and didn’t get that far, BUT a year ago I started using a system; now I get over 30 leads a day, prospect them on auto-pilot, earn affiliate commissions and sponsor into my primary business weekly, pretty cool huh?

That’s a darn good reason to use MLM systems!

Smart modern day Network Marketers use the internet to build their business. Whilst the old fashioned (traditional) methods still work for some people, using the internet offers us a ton of cool tools, strategies and leverage.

Now when I talk about a system I’m not talking about the replicated website that your MLM company will give you when you sign up. Although it’s cool, there is one major problem with it!

It looks exactly the same as everyone else’s!

You’ve got to remember there are thousands of marketers fighting for a piece of the pie online. If you will be part of the cream that rises to the top then there is something very important that you need…..Uniqueness

How can you be unique? Well you can start off by branding YOU rather than your company. Sounds scary? It’s not really….

Watch this video to see the system I use and the BENEFITS it offers me & you.

Why The Heck Should You Use An MLM System

The kind of MLM system that I’m talking about is based on the principles of attraction marketing, you position yourself as someone of incredible value to your potential prospects. You stand out from the crowd. Prospects perceive this value and guess what? They want what you have to offer.

I’m keeping things simple here, but at the end of this post you can opt-in to receive my free video bootcamp which will explain all this stuff to you in great detail.

So here is how a good system will work – You will offer something that 98% of Network Marketers need and that is the tools and training to be successful. You will have a personalized capture page, there will be a video of you or maybe just text and a picture (you become the expert), your visitor likes what you are offering and they enter their name and email address to learn more. Congratulations, you have a lead!

Your system will then probably direct them to more video presentations where they will begin to receive the training and information they were promised. The system will the follow up with them via email for the next 3, 6, 9, 12 months or whatever timeframe you want. They will probably receive emails from you once or twice a week, maybe more.

During the follow-up period your leads will be offered products to buy and maybe even a membership of the system itself. All the products offered will be tools and information that will actually help people succeed in their business.

What’s happening basically here is that your prospects are getting a shed load of valuable information and training from you which is making them think ‘wow this guy/girl is really cool! I could really get somewhere by working with this person’

You might find some of your leads contacting you to ask what business you are involved with, but either way when it comes to ‘pitching’ your primary opportunity they are going to be already ‘pre-sold’ on you. Are you starting to get the picture here? We have only scratched the surface really. Don’t forget to watch the video above which shows you the best system on the internet. Obviously I’m an affiliate, but I’ve proved it works in my own business and it can work for you too.

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