Why Would Anyone Want To Join MLM? Nobody Makes Any Money With MLM, Right?

So why exactly would anyone want to join MLM or Network Marketing? With all the bad publicity that it receives, being branded as one of those ‘pyramid things’, horrific stories of people getting ripped off and so called uplines that just disappear after signing people up.

Mention ‘MLM’ or ‘Network Marketing’ and a large percentage of folks will have a cloud of skepticism descend upon their mind.

My MLM career first began about 7 years ago when I got involved with a health and nutrition company selling a ‘super’ juice and weight loss products. At the time it seemed like a great idea….. the chance to sell some amazing products and make a profit and then build a team of millions and live the life of riley. Well that’s what my sponsor promised me…..was I dumb for believing that?

I remember the nights when I used to stay up until 2 or 3 am working on my product website which focused solely on the flagship product; the ‘super juice’, I also spent a lot of time working on an opportunity seekers website; its sole purpose was to capture leads. I had a lot of fun doing it even though I had to get up at 7am the next morning to go to my factory job.

But what was the outcome of my efforts? Well in around 4 years I generated about 450 leads, recruited 5 people all from different countries from around the world, sold about $3,500 worth of product and pocketed just over $2,000. I used the money to buy myself a cool laptop computer. So I guess given the time span the results were nothing to write home about.

There was a problem that I believe was the cause of my less than glamorous results.

I knew nothing about how to recruit people and I knew absolutely nothing about internet marketing. Had I actually been taught this by my upline or taken the time and trouble to educate myself I feel quite sure that I would have been much more successful.

The question I want to ask you here is…’Do YOU think MLM sucks?’

Let’s look at some facts quickly. The average person will work a full time job building someone else’s dream for an average of 45 years. The average wage per person in the UK right now is around 23,800 Pound Sterling per year, and in the US is around $36,000. Of course there are many people who earn more than this but I am just comparing averages here. Bear in mind that you will probably be working around 35-40 hours each week in order to receive this salary.

To be honest I really didn’t fancy this lifestyle and I knew at a young age that I had an entrepreneurial spirit within me (I firmly believe that we all do, it’s just the world’s ‘systems’ try to convince us otherwise) There is no reason why YOU cannot stand up and create your own prosperous future.

Why I think people join MLM

So let’s look quickly at the MLM business model. By selling products and recruiting people into your team and leading them to success you can develop a residual income. The MLM company that I have partnered with, sells a product that offers incredible value to people’s lives, I won’t mention the company here as this is not a sales pitch.

But for every person I directly sponsor as a customer I earn $45 every month. Let’s say I went ‘hell for leather’ and in a year working myself to the ground I was only able to make 100 sales, that’s already $4,500 a month which adds up to $54,000 each year, so already I’ve gone past the average wage.

But of course I wouldn’t stop there, I would be looking for 200, 300, 400 and more sales each year. But suppose that I recruited 100 people on my front line as distributors, I would then also earn an average of $15 from every sale that they made, that’s another $1,500 a month (assuming everyone only made 1 sale a month) Then after that I earn 3% of everything that their distributors sell and this goes on 7 levels deep (the width of my organization is limitless).

Now assume that you had a product that transforms people’s lives and that the company wide retention rate is 93% (which this company has)

Are you seeing the possibilities here?

Also take into consideration that you can now use the internet to build your business, given the technology that is now available. You literally have a potential market of millions of people and if you get the right training you can realistically create a very large residual income, month after month.

Now I don’t know of any other business model which has the power to build a residual income like this. I have been very conservative with my figures as I’m not here to give false hopes or portray MLM as any kind of get rich quick scheme because it’s not. BUT there are people earning well over $10,000 a week in this industry.

Have you got $250 bucks to spare to create your own POWERFUL future?

I love the MLM snowball effect, it takes some serious hard work to get things in place then you need to carefully push it and keep pushing. Then there will come a point when your business gains momentum and as it rolls along it gets bigger and bigger. The power of MLM residual income is indeed incredible.

I believe this is the reason people join mlm, it’s certainly the reason why I joined and I know that I have a POWERFUL future ahead of me.

There is no reason why YOU can’t do the same, but you must learn CRITICAL information.

You need to learn internet marketing and you need to learn how to brand yourself as a leader, it’s really not that difficult. You need to learn how to help people take action and empower their lives AND you must have the right mentor.

I am very fortunate to have been mentored by the best MLM community in the world over the last 7 months and I’d love you to also share in this community. If you are serious about making a commitment to your future then by entering your name, email and phone number below you will be giving yourself permission to create your own powerful residual income for whatever company you are involved with, or if you are new and thinking of joining mlm you will learn everything it takes to be successful from ground level.

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