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Welcome along to my review of the Reliv Network Marketing opportunity. If you are considering working with this company then check out the review and also get my free training which will show you how to build a successful business.

Reliv is a great company that sells health & nutrition products, they have gained much popularity since they launched in 1985 and now have more than 70,000 distributors worldwide. They are headquartered in Missouri, US and they now have offices throughout the world in Australia, Brunei, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore and the UK.

The company was founded by Robert & Sandy Montgomery although this wasn’t their original plan for their lives. Robert had built a successful life insurance company which he sold at the age of 38 and subsequently retired. They had planned to raise Arabian horses on their farm.

Due to an unfortunate loss of two of their parents they became aware that they needed to look closely at their nutritional intakes. At a related nutrition event they met Dr Theodore Kalogris and the idea of Reliv was born.

They believe that Reliv is still a ground floor opportunity with vast potential for anyone wishing to jump on board. The company also has the backing of a 21 strong executive management team. When looking at any company to join, you should always make sure that there is a strong leadership in place. Reliv has some of the best.

The Reliv products

There is a good range of nutritional products available, all researched and backed by the scientific advisory board which was established in 1992. This company also owns its own manufacturing plant which is good news for everyone….. reasonable prices and great quality products. In the product line up you will find daily nutrition, sports, weight management and nutraceutical supplements, all especially designed to have a high bioavailability in the body.

This means that the body is able to easily assimilate the nutrients and distribute them in the blood stream, leading to increased effectiveness.

“They also pay close attention to the synergistic relationship between ingredients to ensure the most potent products are delivered to the end user”

You can certainly be confident in promoting the Reliv products to your prospective customers and business partners.

The Reliv Business Opportunity

Because they operate in 15 different countries with more planned each year, you have global possibilities as a distributor. There are a total of 5 ways to earn from this compensation plan which are retail profits (20-40% override), wholesale income from products sold through your personal group, residual income from leaders you develop, cash bonuses and tips, and the ambassador program which is reserved for the top performers (lots of travel and exposure, complete with the red carpet treatment).

Of course it’s possible to make an immediate front end income by selling products, but your main focus should be on building a team. Residual, walk away income is the magic of Network Marketing and will only come about with HARD WORK & DEDICATION to personal sponsoring, training and leadership.

Reliv also established the Kalogris Foundation back in 1995, this is a non profit, charitable organization whose purpose is to help the undernourished people in the world (of which there is an alarmingly large number).

As most of the Reliv reviews online will tell you, this is a great company, with very strong leadership, great products and a lucrative compensation plan. Working with a fantastic company won’t mean your success is guaranteed though, you still must master the necessary skills as I mentioned earlier.

One of the key components to your success will be a REGULAR flow of qualified prospects to make opportunity presentations to. An alarming number of distributors quit this industry because they run out of people to talk to! Normally they will be told by their upline to make a list of their warm market (usually 100 or so people) and then get on the phone to them and invite them to view a presentation.

It’s fair to say that 95% + of those people in your warm market will NOT be interested in the business, so you MUST find a way to continually expand your warm market, if you are going to have any chance of success.

The good news is that this is easy to do by generating leads online using a self branded, attraction marketing system.

By following a simple blueprint and using a system, you can generate in excess of 20 hot, targeted leads every day for your business, you can also market to them in such a way that they will WANT to work with you.

You can also earn hundreds of dollars worth of affiliate commissions each month, even if people DON’T join your business. To find out how you can start using this simple system to reach your goals of financial freedom, enter your Name & Email for my free video training explaining how it’s done…..


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