Work With Me Directly

Welcome to my ‘Work With Me Directly’ page!

In August 2018 I decided to ‘do my own thing’

Which basically boiled down to me asking myself the question…

‘How can I provide more value and solve problems that home business owners face?’

That led me to create the Daily Traffic Machine course…

Which teaches how to specifically engineer, pre qualified, daily traffic to your business…

Plus how to convert that traffic into genuine, qualified leads for your business..

Plus how to convert those leads into buyers for your product or service

Plus how to do it in such a way that it requires very little input from you, leaving you more time to focus on higher level income producing activities

I do still promote a couple of other peoples products but my main focus is serving and building the Daily Traffic Machine community!

Click here to see just how well it works!

If you want to work with me directly then you’ll find me inside the Daily Traffic Machine 🙂

I’m still blogging and will continue to do so, so feel free to check back often!


Helping home business owners around the globe create their success using simple, online technology and leverage. I like to work smart… not hard! Creator of the ‘Daily Traffic Machine’ course, founder of the Warrior Network and also enjoy working out, fasting, music, movies, being out in nature, coastal walks, personal development and living as freely as possible!

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