Xango – A Company To Be Reckoned With, But Should You Join & How Will You Make SERIOUS Cash With Them?

Every Network Marketer wants to work with an established, proven company with great products and compensation plan. Xango certainly fits into this category.

If you are considering joining up with this company then please take the time to read this review so you know what it’s all about, plus how you can maximise your success with them.

Xango was originally founded in 2002 by six experienced entrepreneurs who had a vision to bring a new range of nutrition & wellness products to the world, whilst allowing the average person to profit through the distribution of the products. The six people that you can thank for Xango are Gary Hollister, Aaron Garrity, Joe Morton, Gordon Morton, Kent Wood and Bryan Davis; all have vast business experience, with some having previously being very successful distributors.

Whatever company you join, you should look for a strong leadership team and this company definitely has this thanks to the founders and the executive management team.


In their first 6 years the company was able to reach over $1 billion in sales, expand into 30 countries across the globe, recruit more than 1 million distributors and become a globally recognised brand. If you’re an avid news fan then you may have seen them featured on Fox news, plus they’ve been featured in many popular publications and received numerous awards.

Visit their awards page at http://www.xango.com/company/awards and be impressed!

The Xango Products

They have a full range of products ranging from juices, meal packs and skin care. Probably the most talked about product is their XanGo Mangosteen juice. Mangosteen has been well documented to have many benefits on the body such as increased energy, immune system support, strong anti-oxidant properties, intestinal tract cleansing and anti-aging properties.

There are many testimonials and clinical research trials that confirm that this product is effective and well liked. They’ve also made it available in a ‘shot’ style container that you can carry around for a 1 oz hit whenever you need it.

Also of interest is their XanGo Reserve product, this is a more refined version of the standard juice that can be served at the dining table as an alternative to a bottle of champagne or wine. It’s said to satisfy even the most demanding palate!

“These products coupled with skin care and meal packs will allow you to entice many prospective customers to you.”

The Business Opportunity
Xango operate a unilevel compensation plan with a variety of ways that you can earn an income. You can of course make promotional, up front income from selling products. By signing up as a distributor you will automatically qualify for product purchases at wholesale prices.

The most powerful way to create residual income is by building a team of distributors under you. When they make sales you will get paid commissions, provided you meet the qualification levels. There are also 3 other ways to earn, these are the Power Start bonuses, Monthly Unilevel commissions paid 9 levels down and the Quarterly Bonus pool (for leaders). The higher up the pay plan you can qualify, the more your will earn, but beware that it takes HARD work and PERSISTENCE to build a large, active downline.

For someone with the right, prospecting, sponsoring and leadership skills, Xango can certainly be a profitable venture.

As this Xango review shows this is a great company with fantastic leadership, products, comp plan and track record; however just being partnered with a great company won’t guarantee your success. You have to learn some critical skills, you also need a shed load of leads coming in regularly!

One of the main problems that Network Marketers face is a lack of leads (plus lack of cash), this quickly leads to them quitting the industry, which is a sad thing. Basic training from uplines is to go and make a list of at least 100 people that you have contact details for, this is often referred to as your warm market.

You then start calling them and offering them the chance to join your business or attend a presentation. Whilst this DOES work, it’s not a long term, sustainable recruitment method, soon you will exhaust that list, and in all probability there won’t have been many people take up your deal.

“Luckily this problem is easy to solve by embracing modern technology”

By using some straightforward online systems and strategies you can be generating 10-40 targeted leads each and every day for your business. You can also market to them using the principles of Attraction Marketing so that they will WANT to join your business and buy products from you.

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