Ximo Health – The Liquid ‘Gold Rush’ What’s It All About?

Ximo Health (pronounced zee-mo). Are they the golden energy rush that will take you to the next level as a Network Marketer?

It’s certainly possible. Ximo is actually relaunching right now under the guidance of the new CEO, Erick Laver. You should always consider the leadership of the company before joining and Erick has a LOT of experience. His network marketing career began in1992 with a company called E’OLA International; he actually became their presidential director and highest earner.

In 11 years he created an organization of over half a million distributors turning over 20-50 million dollars worth of sales each year. Those are some SERIOIUS kick butt figures. This guy knows exactly what he’s doing.

What’s The Ximo Health Product?

It’s a beverage. A golden colour liquid that tastes of mangos. It’s called XIMO Golden Energy and is designed to give you energy, as the name suggests. It’s also said to have the possibility to aid in weight loss, its first stage of production involves the green tea leaf and a precise heating process before the other ingredients are added.

An ingredient fairly unique to this product is TMG (Trimethylglycine), it performs many biochemical functions in the body, one of which is to help prevent dehydration. It is also said to reduce the risk of heart disease. This product is ideal for sports people and those that just want a boost of physical and mental energy before an engaging task. As you would expect the product contains a generous helping of caffeine.

“A serving of Ximo also contains ZERO sugar and calories! Great for someone watching their waistline.”

If you buy in bulk (48 bottles) then it works out at just under 5 bucks a bottle, each bottle contains around 5 servings. So price wise this isn’t actually that bad, there are a lot of other juices on the market that are much more pricey.

With that being said, it’s worth noting that there is a LOT of competition in the Network Marketing industry for these type of products, it seems every other company that springs up has a new ‘juice’. But providing you educate yourself and make the decision to become a marketing superstar, there is no reason why you can’t make it big with Ximo Health.

The Ximo compensation plan

This is relatively straightforward, it’s a uni level pay plan that pays down 9 levels and if you get to the top 2 ranks of Executive Vice President & President you will be paid an infinity bonus at 1% or 2% respectively. You can earn retail commissions by either putting your customers on auto ship, or buy the product at wholesale prices and sell it yourself.

You also have the opportunity of building a passive income by sponsoring people into your organization and teaching them to do the same. You can download the comp plan here

“You will also receive your own replicated website that will allow you to market the product and opportunity online.”

It’s certainly possible to have success with this company, these type of juice products are not personally my thing so I wouldn’t join myself. If you are getting enough leads into your business on a daily basis then you are in a good position for success. However most people very quickly exhaust their warm market.

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