Yoli – Are You Ready ‘To Live’ The MLM Lifestyle? (An Unbiased Review From Someone Who Isn’t A Distributor)

Is Yoli (an Aztec word that means ‘to live’) the right choice for you? If you’re looking to join this company then check out my review and I’ll also be showing you how you can really get this opportunity to work for you.

Yoli was founded in November 2009 by six VERY talented entrepreneurs. Most have had extensive success in the Network Marketing industry and all have been successful at pretty much every business venture they’ve put their hand too. I suppose you could say Yoli has the unfair advantage of Corey Citron being their Chief Marketing Officer.

Corey is one of the most recognized and enthusiastic network marketing trainers around, plus his online marketing and recruiting systems are nothing short of awesome. Based in Sandy, Utah the company has been featured in a few popular publications such as the Network Marketing Business Journal and has been featured as company of the month.

“They are also doing their bit for the planet, for every new distributor that joins they plant 10 trees through the ‘Trees For The Future’ program. Their goal is to plant 1 million trees annually!”

There is definitely a lot going for this company and a strong leadership is always important for any company if they are going to be around for the long haul.

The Yoli Products

There are three products to choose from, the first being Alkalete. This is a body alkalizer & acid neutralizer, it helps to combat the effects of a modern diet. Many of the foods we eat contain ingredients and sugar that upsets the natural pH value of our bodies causing weight gain, low energy, poor skin, weakened immune system and goodness knows what else!

The Alkalete product will help rectify this and you can also put it in your coffee to reduce its acidity. Coffee is one of the worst for unbalancing the body’s pH value, bad news for me as I like about 6 cups a day!


Yoli Fun is a sports & recovery drink designed to increase performance by providing more electrolytes, potassium and magnesium into your body. It’s also free from chemical dyes, preservatives and sugar. The idea is that you can push past your normal physical limits using this drink.

The third product is Yoli Truth, this is a drink that provides potent antioxidants and contains live enzyme & probiotic ingredients. It’s said to slow the rate at which our cells divide in our bodies, basically the faster cells divide the faster we age! Truth has especially designed bio available ingredients so the body can quickly and easily benefit from the juice.

“As you can see there are three great products offered by this company that are sure to entice your prospective customers and business partners.”

The Business Opportunity
Joining as a Yoli distributor will allow you to earn from selling their products and also from building a team of active distributors under you. They have an innovative ‘Break Even Bonus’ which is designed to allow you to have your products for free each month. You’re going to need to find between 2 & 6 customers to achieve this. It’s designed to help reverse the usual 85% attrition rate seen in network marketing.

Their compensation plan will allow you to earn in several different ways, which are retail profits, fast start bonus, break even bonus, binary commissions from your team, unilevel matching bonus, global & elite leaders pool plus they offer cruises and travel incentives for the top performers. You can download the full comp plan here.

“If you are willing to become skilled at personal prospecting, sponsoring, training and motivating then you can be successful with this business opportunity.”

You’ve probably read many Yoli reviews online and the majority will give the company the thumbs up, and they should. This is a great company with fantastic leadership and products. But just partnering with a great company won’t automatically guarantee your success, you are going to need to put in some serious amounts of work to really build a decent income, but it will be worth it.

One of the biggest problems that you might experience is a lack of new prospects to present your opportunity to. It’s one of the biggest problems people face in the industry and can often lead to them giving up. You’ll probably start off with your warm market which is a great move, but what next?

Often people don’t recruit many new team members from their warm market, so you should find a way to expand your warm market/lead base.

This can easily be done online. Using some basic principles and a system you can effortlessly generate 30+ leads every day for your business, follow up with them and brand yourself in such a way that they will WANT to work with you. You can also make hundreds of dollars worth of affiliate commissions in the process, even if no one joins your business. To see my free video training which explains how to start using these concepts TODAY, enter your Name & Email for instant access…..

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I remember sitting in my uplines lounge 9 years ago....

Frank & Heather gave me some biscuits, a cup of juice and switched on the video player.

I sat there and as I watched the presentation felt myself becoming excited and started imagining how rich I was going to get.

James they said....you just need to make a list...on the 3 way call their upline, Colin said to me, James just make a list and get everyone you can onto a presentation call....

I left their house pumped and ready to strike it rich...

7 years later and two MLM companies later I was still struggling, I'd found my five and hadn't got rich....in fact I was earning almost nothing.

One night though I put my email into a box similar to the one below and was taken through to a video presentation which taught me how to systemize your team building and attract prospects like a magnet attracts nails.

Prospects that stick around and join your business.

When you enter your email address below and click the button you'll see the same formula that enabled me to sponsor over 687 people into my business, with no phone calls and very little effort, enter your email below to see the 5 step formula....

You'll also learn how to create 'leveraged leads & income' that pays you daily commissions and creates a cash flow you can use to build any business...


Helping home business owners around the globe create their success using simple, online technology and leverage. I like to work smart… not hard! Creator of the ‘Daily Traffic Machine’ course, founder of the Warrior Network and also enjoy working out, fasting, music, movies, being out in nature, coastal walks, personal development and living as freely as possible!

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