Young Living – Something That You Should Get Excited About?

Welcome to my Young Living review. So who exactly are they? They are a network marketing company that’s well established and popular in the health & wellness niche.

You probably already know that the ‘health & wellness’ niche is very heavily populated, there seems to be a new product popping up every day. Despite this however Young Living have continued to grow their operation, and it doesn’t look like they will be slowing down anytime soon.

There’s a very complete range of products available from this company….nutrition supplements (pills & shakes), massage and essential therapeutic oils, oil diffusers, a full range of skin care products which include anti-aging creams and household cleaning products. They even do pet care products as well!

“With a Young Living business you will have a wide range of products to offer your customers.”

Of particular interest is their range of essential oils, not only are these considered a flagship product of the company, but they are completely ‘home produced’. Young Living actually have their own farms situated in the US, France and Ecuador, this enables them to control the whole production process which guarantees a finely tuned product.


Young Living is the creation of Gary Young and he founded the company in 1993. Their main HQ is based in Utah, but they’ve now expanded and have offices in Japan, UK and Australia. Gary Young himself has an interesting story and claims that whilst working as a logger in 1973 a tree fell on him and paralyzed him, confining him to a wheelchair.

This caused him to embark on a worldwide hunt for natural therapies and medicine which could perform the impossible. By 1986 he was able to run half a marathon and claims that his healing was due to essential oils. To get the full story you should do your own research into Young’s past.

The Young Living compensation plan

There is a unilevel comp plan for this company and it will allow you to earn up to 24% retail profit on product sales, you will also be able to build a residual income by building a team of active distributors under you. You will start off as a distributor and can work your way up to the prestigious rank of Crown Diamond.

You will be able to earn front end immediate income from the retail commissions, enrolment bonuses, and matching bonuses plus the team performance bonus. The generational and unilevel commissions will pay you a residual income. You can download the comp plan here.

“There is lots of potential with this compensation plan to develop a good income if you know how to generate leads and sponsor!”

Overall, Young Living is a great company, with a solid leadership team, they are continuing to expand and grow and have a good range of products. If you are thinking of joining then you should do so, just make sure you have a strategy in place so that you can be successful with the business.

Most network marketing companies and sponsors will tell you to make a list of your warm market, which is usually about 100 people (if you’re popular), call them up and hope that some of them join your business, and/or buy products. Often very few (if any) will join you from your immediate warm market, its therefore essential to your success that you know how to generate new leads each and every day. You also need to become skilled at sponsoring, otherwise your business will never get off the ground.

Using some simple strategies online you can generate 10, 20, 30 or more NEW, targeted leads for your business every day. Using a system you can also follow up, build trust and rapport and sponsor them EFFORTLESSLY. You can even make money from those who have no interest in your Young Living Business!

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