Your Number One Success Principle & How To Increase Your Odds Of Success Right Now

United colors 2You might have heard before many successful men & women say that your income will be the average (or around) that of the 5 people who are closest to you.
This is true for a lot of people and you can test it on yourself!
Write down now the incomes of the 5 people that you spend the most time with and that you regard as close. Add them all up and then divide them by 5.

Does the formula work for you?

Bob $45,000 per year
Jenny $34,000 per year
Andrew $68,000 per year
Keith $19,000 per year
Alex $48,000 per year
Total = $214,000
Divide by 5 = $42,800
In that scenario your income might be around (ish) $42,800 a year.

If this formula does, or does not work for you, I’d love to know so please comment.

Regardless of how the formula works for you here are some important questions to ask yourself right now if you want a higher income and more success generally…
1) Who are you surrounding yourself with?
2) Who do you listen to the most?
3) Whose opinions are you taking to heart
4) Who are you learning from?
5) Who are you running with in business and your personal life?
6) How often are you associating yourself with people that make more money than you?


There are obviously a ton more questions you could ask….but the point is that in business and life in general “participants always play to the level of their competition”

If you want more success then it’s ESSENTIAL that you start listening to, learning from, interacting with and surrounding yourself with the people who are getting the results that you want.

Obviously it’s just cool to hang out with rich people and will do a lot for your image and ego, but more importantly your unconscious mind will pick up successful habits and language patterns automatically. It would be difficult to try and stop this.

If you ever watch a couple in love or close friends, they often mimic each other in many subtle and not so subtle ways. I’ve noticed it myself since I’ve been aware of this concept….people that I’m close to tend to mimic my body language, thoughts and speech patterns and vice versa.

If you’re spending most of your time with people that are suffering from procrastination and have ‘given up’ on their dreams….chances are that their beliefs and attitudes could ‘rub off’ on you where if you increase your time spent with high level earners and producers then….well you know the drill….their beliefs and attitudes will also rub off on you.

OK so obviously you like me are not going to dump off those close to you simply because they don’t fit the success mould…..but what you can do is surround yourself with more successful people and add them into your life.

Since I started doing that my beliefs changed, my body language changed, my language patterns changed, my income went up and my ability to recruit increased (and is still improving now).

The reason for this is because I made a decision to change what I was inputting into my brain and the habits of people more successful than me are rubbing off.

When you make this change, your beliefs and actions will also change and you’ll start making more money and sculpting the lifestyle you want for you and your loved ones.

It all starts here

The most important 3 things you can do right now to ‘hang out with success’ are…

1) Listen to daily audio (found here)
2) Be on EVERY Monday night Empower Hour call at 9PM EST (dial US (209)-255-1040 no code needed)
3) Join our team
4) Get to the Events


Will this success formula work for you?

It will…because it’s working for me and allows me to work from home and earn more than I did when I was slogging it out 45+ hours a week in a job 🙂

The reason it works is because I took action. There was an evening back in 2009 when I was searching online for a way to make money from home. I accidently discovered a system where I could generate leads, make sales and build a business from home.

It took me about an hour of staring at the sales page and the big orange buy now button to decide to buy now.

I’m so glad I did, because everything changed from that point, I was on a different path, the path to do what I want, when I want.

Now its your turn….

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