YTB International (Your Travel Biz) & What They Can Offer You As An Entrepreneur

There have been a lot of people talking to me recently about the YTB (Your Travel Biz) opportunity, so I thought I should take a look and write a review about it.

YTB is a travel business, and by having your own business with them you can sell great value travel deals to your own customers, not only that you will be able to compete with the big, already established sites such as Expedia & Orbitz. One of the biggest problems that I’ve always found in the MLM Marketing industry is products that are of good quality, but highly priced. More often than not you will find the same product of relatively equal quality, but at a lesser price on the high street. With Your Travel Biz you will find that you may actually be cheaper than some of the major competitors.


As a YTB business owner you will also have the luxury of being able to offer products and services on top of travel. Your Travel Biz has formed business relations with companies such as Chrysler, Nissan and Dodge to offer vehicles at wholesale prices through YTB. They also provide honeymoon, wedding, floral, ticket, theatre, concert, and tour services. There are plans to add other services to their portfolio also.

“With such a wide range of services that you can offer your customers there is a good potential for developing a decent income stream.”

Your Travel Biz has been around since 2001 and was created by Lloyd Tomer, his son Scott Tomer and Kim Sorenson, all well experienced in the business and marketing world. A popular travel publication ‘Travel Weekly’ previously ranked YTB as the 11th largest leisure provider in the world, the company is also close to hitting their target of $1 Billion worth of sales.

How you will earn money with YTB (Your Travel Biz)

To join the business will cost you $399, this essentially buys you your own online travel business, you will then make commissions from sales that you make and also from enrolling new ‘travel agents’ under you. If you are skilled at online promotion and able to sponsor people into a business, then you can do well out of this opportunity.

The Bad Stuff

It’s worth mentioning at this point the rampant bad press that YTB has received over the last few years. There have been several allegations and complaints that this is nothing more than a pyramid scheme, with no real value to the end user. This is largely due to the bulk of commission that is paid out being for recruiting new ‘agents’ into the business. Very little is paid for product sales.

This gives the impression that the only aim here really is to sponsor new recruits and get paid (which is the case with a lot of these home business opportunities). You end up selling a ‘dream’ and persuading others to join so that they can then go on and sell a ‘dream of financial freedom’ to others.

“It’s something that you will need to do your own research into and decide if you feel this is a genuine opportunity in line with your core values.”

ZamZuu is a recent new branch of YTB. It’s an online shopping portal, but again is coming under similar attacks of being a pyramid. A search on the Better Business Bureau’s website ( will reveal several complaints about the company, so the negative reviews aren’t all hot air.

With that being said, this is an opportunity that you can be successful with. If you are happy to promote the opportunity and products, then do so. To be ultimately successful you will need to have LOTS of prospects to talk to. Many new network marketers are relying ONLY on their warm market, which may only be 100 people or so. More often than not you won’t recruit many (if any) new distributors and end up stagnant.

Using the internet and some straightforward strategies you can generate 30+ new leads each and every day for your business. By using a proven, scientific marketing system these leads can become your ‘warm market’; ready to buy and do business with you. To see how incredibly easy it is to EXPLODE your YTB business, enter your Name & Email address below for instant access to my free video training bootcamp which will reveal all….


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