ZamZuu – Shop Till You Drop, Get Cashback & Build A Residual Income, All From Your Armchair! (Plus 98 Reasons To ‘Think’ Before Joining)

Shopping trolley on button of computer keyboardFor anyone who likes shopping online, saving money and creating residual wealth all at the same time, then ZamZuu might certainly be an opportunity for you.

Associating yourself with this company will set you up to cash in on the ever increasing online retail market.

ZamZuu is actually the rebranded version of shop YTB, but they’ve reduced their entrance fee cost and recreated their image. A ZamZuu website is basically an online shopping portal that will give you access to over 700 brand name stores, exclusive offers and a cash back of anything between 2 – 3.5% on certain purchases. Some of the big names you might recognise are Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target and Barned & Nobles.

The concept of these shopping portals would appeal to many people, everyone wants a bargain!


As far as the business opportunity goes, after you join up you will then be able to direct other people to shop through your ZamZuu website and earn a commission from their purchases. You will also be able to recruit others to set up their own sales portals and for them to make sales and build a team etc….

The cost to join has been reduced to approx $250, down from $500 when it was shopYTB, there is also a monthly back office fee of $50. One thing to note is that even though the company rebranded and dropped the signup fee, they didn’t reduce the compensation plan payouts. You can earn between 50-60% of purchase commissions made through your portal. This isn’t a percentage of the transaction value, but 50-60% of the commission that is paid to ZamZuu.

“There are other components to the comp plan such as sponsoring bonuses, matching bonus, power bonuses plus more exclusive benefits if you hit the top levels of the pay plan.”

Visiting the company website won’t provide you much information about the company apart from a video which basically tells you that there are a lot of people who shop online these days. Why their website is so sparsely populated I don’t know, but for anyone wanting more information you need to look around for ZamZuu reviews. To join the company you need to search for a representative to sponsor you.

Is ZamZuu a scam?

Well one place I always like to start is at the Better Business Bureau. A search on ZamZuu of course reveals them to be Y T B International Inc. It also reveals the company is graded as an F (alarm bells start ringing) having received 98 complaints in the last 36 months and having government action taken against them. Most of the complaints have been resolved. It seems the issues related to schemes they were marketing before they morphed into ‘ZamZuu’

Before joining this company my friend, do yourself a favour and go to the Better Business Bureau website ( and do a search on ZamZuu.

That’s pretty much all I can say on the company. I personally am not a member of the company and never would be. When making a decision to join a Network Marketing company you need to be sure that it is in alignment with your core values.

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